Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The WickedStepMom Mover’s Guide

A guide for what not to do while moving…
1. Sit in the middle seat of the U-haul. - Bear’s kidney’s may never recover from the bouncing on the freeway with an empty truck  on return trips.
2. Put all of you books in one big box. – One of the girls did this and tried to lift the box.  She ended up repacking the whole thing because even Bear could not lift it up off the floor.
3. Leave the bed frame screws at the old place. – The Mother Hen ended up sleeping on her mattress on the floor the first night.  The screws were sitting on the floor in her old room.
4. Forget to grab the milk off the counter at the old place and leave it there overnight.  – It smelled pleasant in the morning.
5. Misplace Pinstripes, the guardian tiger. – It happened twice.  He was in the U-Haul and then the back seat.  There was a good 20 minutes of panic each time.
6. Place candle holders in the basement of the new place, with candles in them to get rid of the smell…  while still unpacking. – This resulted in several broken candle holders, one cut hand, one cut knee and two cut feet.
7. Forget the coffee maker. – Umm…. yeah, that just sucked. And don't forget the baby monitor!
8. Completely forget about your blog. – (Sorry guys!!)  There just was not nearly enough time to do it all.
9. Believe the guys at the hardware store when they tell you that an 8 foot flex hose for the dryer should be more than long enough. – It barely extended far enough.  We are thinking about getting a new one in a few weeks that is longer.  The hardware store guys were convinced that we would have hose laying all over the place…
10. Believe the cable company when they tell you that they will have someone at the house between 2-5pm.  – The tech showed up at 7:30pm with the kids ready to tear each other apart over the X-Box.

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