Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Spending time at the Ranch

Spin Cycle: Vacation

Last year, for the very first time we went to Oswald’s Bear Ranch.  It was not too expensive and we spent several hours there, hanging out with the bears. 
Bears have kind of always been special to me.  And they are special to the girls now too because of what I call their father.  They even call him Daddy Bear.  We have several Bear decorations and pictures.  I think though, the best part about the Ranch is that it is the place we took the very first photo of all five of us.  We paid a few dollars to have our picture taken with a bear cub and it is probably our best treasure.  I can’t wait for us to go back and get out picture taken again this year.  I think the girls enjoyed themselves too.

Next time I'll have to review my time spent with the baby's at this other great place.

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