Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The WickedStepMom Mover’s Guide

A guide for what not to do while moving…
1. Sit in the middle seat of the U-haul. - Bear’s kidney’s may never recover from the bouncing on the freeway with an empty truck  on return trips.
2. Put all of you books in one big box. – One of the girls did this and tried to lift the box.  She ended up repacking the whole thing because even Bear could not lift it up off the floor.
3. Leave the bed frame screws at the old place. – The Mother Hen ended up sleeping on her mattress on the floor the first night.  The screws were sitting on the floor in her old room.
4. Forget to grab the milk off the counter at the old place and leave it there overnight.  – It smelled pleasant in the morning.
5. Misplace Pinstripes, the guardian tiger. – It happened twice.  He was in the U-Haul and then the back seat.  There was a good 20 minutes of panic each time.
6. Place candle holders in the basement of the new place, with candles in them to get rid of the smell…  while still unpacking. – This resulted in several broken candle holders, one cut hand, one cut knee and two cut feet.
7. Forget the coffee maker. – Umm…. yeah, that just sucked. And don't forget the baby monitor!
8. Completely forget about your blog. – (Sorry guys!!)  There just was not nearly enough time to do it all.
9. Believe the guys at the hardware store when they tell you that an 8 foot flex hose for the dryer should be more than long enough. – It barely extended far enough.  We are thinking about getting a new one in a few weeks that is longer.  The hardware store guys were convinced that we would have hose laying all over the place…
10. Believe the cable company when they tell you that they will have someone at the house between 2-5pm.  – The tech showed up at 7:30pm with the kids ready to tear each other apart over the X-Box.

Poor Guy

Lately, many conversations have gone something close to this…
The Mother Hen & WickedStepMom: (laughing hysterically)
Bear: What’s so funny?
The Mother Hen: Well… ::giggle::
WickedStepMom: We just… ::giggle:: and then…  ::giggle::
The Mother Hen: (Laughs harder)
Bear: (rolls eyes) Nevermind…

Spending time at the Ranch

Spin Cycle: Vacation

Last year, for the very first time we went to Oswald’s Bear Ranch.  It was not too expensive and we spent several hours there, hanging out with the bears. 
Bears have kind of always been special to me.  And they are special to the girls now too because of what I call their father.  They even call him Daddy Bear.  We have several Bear decorations and pictures.  I think though, the best part about the Ranch is that it is the place we took the very first photo of all five of us.  We paid a few dollars to have our picture taken with a bear cub and it is probably our best treasure.  I can’t wait for us to go back and get out picture taken again this year.  I think the girls enjoyed themselves too.

Next time I'll have to review my time spent with the baby's at this other great place.

The Kitchen Table: A.K.A Not a dumping ground!

All weekend long, people were leaving me presents on the kitchen table.  Dirty clothes, shoes, socks, toys, books and just about anything that you can think of non-food related.  Several times a day, I was asking people to remove their belongs from the table.

Before we left for the fruit market, I commited the same crime.  I left my laptop on the table.  When we got back, we were soaking wet, because I accidently left the sun roof open while we were inside and it decided to rain.  All the wet items ended up on the table.  Including a wet stuffed tiger that landed right on my laptop.  I shouted at the top of my lungs, “This is not a dumping ground!!” and start placing all the belongings on the floor. 
I seriously lost my temper and was pretty ticked off for the rest of the day because I was told I was being mean.  Parenting is not a popularity contest but I felt like I was being taken advantage of because I had been nice about it the whole weekend until the soggy pet landed on my computer.  I am not sure how to fix this one but I am feeling a lot better about it today.  I am just going to have to make sure that I don’t leave my laptop their anymore.